WILU 2012 May 23-25 2012

WILU 2012 will be in Edmonton, Alberta, May 23-25 2012, hosted by Grant MacEwan University. Contact wilu2012@macewan.ca for more information. http://sites.macewan.ca/wilu2012/

“We must never lose sight of the values of the past, vigour, thrift, self-resourcefulness, upon which the individual and the nations of the world will stand or fall.”
~ Grant MacEwan (Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, 1966-1974)
Inspired by the words of our namesake, this year the conference theme of “Vigour, Thrift, and Resourcefulness” builds upon Grant MacEwan’s legacy and encourages participants to reflect on how we might ensure sustainable, accountable information literacy programs that build on past successes while embracing growth and change.

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