U of T’s update on Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Laurie Harrison, Director of Online Learning for the U of T, has just posted an update on the status of the U of T’s MOOC offerings.  2 MOOCs are now in progress.  So far the total enrollment for all U of T MOOCs has been 169,574. More details can be found in the post.

Laurie has formed a working group of MOOC instructors, education technology support staff for occasional F2F discussions on developing and delivering MOOCs. I’m serving as the librarian liaison to that group, for questions about links, resources and copyright questions related to use of library resources. So far, instructors are linking almost exclusively to open-access online readings, videos and related links, but I expect that questions will inevitably arise when instructors want to include less open content in their course readings or lectures.

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