Liaison Update Forum May 24 2018 – Curriculum Mapping, ORCID, and Discover Archives

Below is a list of speakers and any slides or resources from the liaison update forum held on May 24:

  1. Jessie Richards, Curriculum Developer, Office of the Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education presented on Curriculum Mapping (Curriculum map example 1 and example 2)
  2. Stephanie Orfano, Head, Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office, presented on ORCID task force updates
  3. Emily Sommers, Digital Records Archivist, presented on Discover Archives


An Introduction to Archives at UTL

UTL Librarians gathered in the MacLean Hunter Room on August 21st for “Thinking Inside the Box: An Introduction to UTL’s Archival Holdings,” a talk hosted by archivists Media Commons presentation at Archives event for librariansand librarians from The U of T Archives & Records Management Services (UTARMS), The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, and Media Commons. Attendees heard about key archival concepts, the kinds of archives and special collections collected by these 3 repositories and the types of researchers who have put these collections to use. Attendees were then able to interact with archival material from all three repositories and encouraged to think about their potential use for research, instruction and class assignments.

viewing the archives and special collections

Universities are increasingly leveraging the value of their archives: to highlight their one-of-a-kind collections, encourage primary source research among faculty and students, build information literacy, foster relationships with alumni, and promote historical consciousness on the campus. Librarians have a critical role to play in ensuring the U of T’s archival resources are used and appreciated by the university community. This talk was just one step towards building bridges between campus archivists and librarians, to help further promote UTL’s archival holdings and increase their exposure across the campus.

For more information about these repositories, see