Partnership between the CTSI and Librarians

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1. About

Partnering for Academic Student Success (PASS) is a partnership between librarians and the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI). It aims to foster new opportunities for collaboration between academic librarians and those involved in developing excellence in university teaching.

The following librarians are seconded to the CTSI between June 2019 and May 2020:

  • Kaitlin Fuller, Gerstein Science Information Centre
  • Navroop Gill, Teaching & Learning Project
  • Paulina Rousseau, UTSC Library

2. Annual Reports



3. Publications

Bolan, J., Bellamy, P., Rolheiser, C., Szurmak, J., & Vine, R. (2015). Realizing Partnership Potential: A Report on a Formal Collaboration between a Teaching and Learning Centre and Libraries at the University of Toronto. Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching, 8, 191-200. Retrieved from

4. Resources

Faculty-Librarian Collaboration Examples
Four examples of librarians and faculty collaborating to integrate information literacy into course content at the University of Toronto (2011-2012).

Conversations with Faculty
A series of questions that 2010-11 PASS participants  asked faculty to better understand their views on information literacy (2011).

Faculty-Librarian Collaboration: Interview Questions for Librarians and Faculty
A series of interview questions we asked librarians and faculty about their collaborations (2011).

5. Surveys

In Fall 2010, PASS administered a short survey to University of Toronto librarians about information literacy and their instruction-related professional development needs. This was followed by a more extensive survey in Fall 2011.

Final Themes from Survey (Fall 2010)

Survey Form (Spring 2011)

Survey Summary (Spring 2011)