September 4 2013 workshop on copyright for liaison librarians

Picture of Bobby Glushko and U of T librariansOn September 4, over 70 librarians from across the university libraries participated in the workshop “Engaging Faculty on Copyright and Open Access” with Bobby Glushko.

Here are the key documents mentioned in Bobby’s presentation:

  1. Update on Copyright Compliance at the University of Toronto (PDAD&C #15, 2013-14 September 5 2013) 
  2. U of T Fair Dealing Guidelines (PDAD&C #26, 2012-13)
  3. List of approved copyshops
  4. Access Copyright 2012 poster (summary of rights under the AC license)
  5. UTL Copyright Libguide
  6. The email address to use for copyright-related questions (tracked):

The in-class exercises engaged participants in the challenges inherent in faculty discussions.  We compiled whiteboard notes of ways to effectively communicate with and assist faculty in the copyright conversation.

Some of the key learning points from the notes:

How can we set the stage for a helpful conversation?

  • Don’t panic. Even if their students do.
  • Less is more — less detail, more assurance. “Try not to make them afraid.”
  • Manage the complexity by offering simple services that can help them.
  • Remember, we’re not copyright cops. We provide advice and information on university policy, guidelines.
  • There may be many questions, but you don’t have to answer them all on the spot.

What do we need to ask faculty when they present a copyright question?

  • How much of this work to you (really) need?
  • If the original documents are not library copies, where do the originals come from?
  • Are these items under copyright?
  • Is the copy intended for classroom or other use?

Helpful (and easy) ideas

  • Encourage instructors to use the Bookstore as their preferred copy shop. Share the approved list of copy shops.
  • Reserve Services in many U of T libraries can find durable links for required readings and make those available through the Library Resources page in Blackboard. Media Commons staff can help with video copyright questions.
  • We might already have a license for this.
  • Is the person posting the item that you want to use the actual copyright owner?
  • Remember fair dealing and refer to the U of T Fair Dealing Guidelines.
  • Would a substitute be ok?  Find alternatives to restricted materials or images.
  • Remind instructors that reducing course packs can save students money – a  good thing.
  • If it’s not clear to you, send it up the chain to Bobby.


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