README: Learning Objectives

Do you begin your library instruction by creating a few key learning objectives? Most instructors find that they are able to focus more easily on instruction activities with clear learning goals. Even for a one-off library instruction session, learning objectives can help you focus your attention on what students really need to know.

If you’re new to the idea of learning objectives, these brief guides can help you get started.

Writing Learning Objectives (PDF logo PDF file)
A Teaching Resource Document from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Academic Support
Prepared by Raoul A. Arreola, Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Health Science Center

Writing Quality Learning Objectives
Park University’s “Faculty Resources Quick Tips” section focused on writing learning objectives.

Writing learning outcomes for the Core Curriculum
Alan Jenkins (Oxford Brookes University, England) and Dave Unwin (Birkbeck College, London, England) outline “some ‘how to do it’ guidelines” for writing learning outcomes.

Learning Objectives
From the Teaching and Learning Laboratory at MIT this page provides an excellent overview of what learning objectives are and how to write learning objectives, as well as provides examples of objectives and measurable outcomes.

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