Working with Faculty

  1. Getting to Know Your Faculty
  2. Sample Outreach Emails
  3. Tour Scripts

1. Getting to Know Your Faculty

i. Research your prospects

ii.  Reach out – instruction

iii. Reach out – research

  • Schedule a meeting with a faculty member to learn more about their research, and to find out how you might help them.
  • Further reading: Trott, Barry, and Isabel D. Silver. “Outreach Activities for Librarian Liaisons.” Reference & User Services Quarterly 54, no. 2 (Winter 2014): 8–14.

2. Sample Outreach Emails

These sample emails from UTL liaison librarians welcome new faculty members and others to U of T and the UTL system.

3. Tour Scripts

This is a sample script occasionally used during tours for new faculty or candidates who are interviewing at U of T.