More great library instruction case studies from Harvard Business School

Click on the title to watch these short 2-3 minute videos!  Descriptions are drawn from the innovations web site

Business at the Base of the Pyramid Knowledge Center
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Professor Kasturi Rangan and Senior Lecturer Michael Chu

“Professor Kasturi Rangan and Senior Lecturer Michael Chu describe their collaboration to create an Internet-based research portal for the rapidly changing field of business at the base of the pyramid. Designed to give students faster access to complex and diverse resources, the BBOP Knowledge Center has grown with student input and changing world events. As a result, students have identified significant business opportunities and the faculty have further refined the course based on new content.”


Informed Decision-making Exercise

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Professor Amy Edmondson

“The ability to find and then analyze information is a critical part of any general manager’s decision-making process. Professor Amy Edmondson talks about the Informed Decisions-making Exercise she created to help students compare the quality of information they found using different search methods and information sources. Working in teams, students used a variety of approaches to research solutions to business problems. Through analysis and reflection, the students compared their findings and developed frameworks to guide decision-making as informed leaders.”

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Professors Nabil El-Hage and Richard Ruback

“When Professors Nabil El-Hage and Richard Ruback created a new MBA course on the private equity industry, they wanted to supplement the class discussion with an analysis of the industries surrounding the potential investments presented in the cases. They developed an Context Analysis Exerciseusing critical thinking skills and research resources on a wide range of industries from hospital management to food processing. Students worked in teams to research industries, posted their analysis to the web, and acted as industry experts during class.”

Issue Analysis
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Professor Clayton Rose

“Professor Rose and Knowledge and Library Services (KLS) developed this Issue Analysis Exercise, in which teams of students completed research on a pre-identified topic related to the case, and then wrote an “issue analysis”. These summaries of their findings were reviewed as an enhancement to the case discussion. To assist research, custom resource pages for each topic were made available through a wiki interface where students were able to post as well as review analysis papers. This exercise offered a way to encourage quality writing skills and deeper, more focused information gathering.”

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