Megan Oakleaf – December 14 2011

Over 50 librarians from across all libraries at the U of T devoted a full day to discussing and learning about library assessment and library value, with the help of University of Syracuse iSchool professor Megan Oakleaf. Megan Oakleaf @ U of T Libraries

What a great day. Not only did Megan share much evidence-based information on teaching and learning assessment, but she so obviously modeled everything she taught. Confident, articulate, funny, energetic, and really REALLY knowledgeable, Megan made it easy to learn and gave us many insights and strategies to help us invigorate our library instruction.

Our favorite activity of the day… the snowball! We wrote down a question that we are wondering about, based on what we have learned so far. Then we crumpled it up and tossed the “snowball” into the centre of the room. Then each of us picked up a ball (not our own), opened it, and wrote down an answer to the question.

The snowball exercise was a great way to get peer sharing into learning, and to help us realize that even though a peer may have a question, another peer may have a useful and productive answer for it!

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