Librarians at the 2013 Teaching & Learning Symposium

Every autumn, the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation hosts a Teaching & Learning Symposium to explore a variety of topics and issues involved in teaching and learning at the University of Toronto.

Librarians are always welcome to participate and attend, and this year the CTSI-seconded librarians deployed a survey to get feedback from the librarians in attendance about their experiences of the event and how it resonates with their work.

A common thread in the feedback was positive responses to a new type of session added to the program this year, the 15-minute “Nifty Assignment” session, in which presenters discussed the development and implementation of creative assignments. As one librarian noted, this session was useful because “[i]t showed how librarians and faculty worked together to design & deliver scaffolded assignments.”

Another important theme that appeared in the feedback was the challenges and rewards of librarians’ relationship to instructors and the classroom, as demonstrated by these quotations:

“[O]ne challenge is simply for librarians to find out about courses where the library could play a helpful role, to instructors and students – often the instructors aren’t aware that their students are dealing with something the library can help support.”

“Interaction and networking with faculty and staff is so often productive, whether they are your ‘home’ faculty or not – the more librarians we can get to faculty events like this the better, just in terms of networking and exposure for librarian services and roles.”

We look forward to next year’s Teaching & Learning symposium, and encourage librarians to submit and attend.

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