Information Literacy competencies from the 2010 CARL Core Competencies for Librarians

Have you seen the CARL Core Competencies for 21st Century Librarians?

“Librarians are also taking on new teaching roles within the academy. They are partnering with faculty to teachinformation literacy to their students. They are working with their instructional technology / teaching support centres to enhance the resources available to instructors. They are seeking out, and often earning seats at the table when key decisions are being made concerning learning support software and systems. They share with faculty the interest in helping students use information efficiently and ethically in a “copy and paste world” (Wilson and Linke).”

Section 5 describes the information literacy competencies

5. Information Literacy

All CARL librarians should have a strong understanding of, and commitment to, the following:

  • Information literacy – principles of information literacy in the academic environment, including numerical and data literacy
  • Learning and teaching – knowledge of learning models and strategies as well as relevant teaching pedagogy and models for the academic environment
  • Institutional teaching and learning – knowledge of institutional teaching and learning programmes and goals to effectively connect with stakeholders and integrate information literacy programs as appropriate
  • Critical thinking & lifelong learning – knowledge of the concepts and principles of information literacy including the value of integrating critical thinking and lifelong learning into teaching and instruction methodologies
  • Reference services – knowledge of the principles and techniques of effective reference service that provides access to relevant and reliable information
  • Patron engagement – knowledge of the principles and techniques to effectively interact with users to determine information needs and when that need has been satisfied

How does this fit with your own ideas about information literacy competencies?

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