How to arrange an in-class observation of your teaching

In-class observations are an effective means to gather formative feedback on one’s teaching in a low risk context as well as to explore ways to strengthen institutional practices and achieve goals for student learning. Librarians can now request an in-class observation from a team composed of a CTSI team member and a librarian seconded to CTSI’s PASS program.

In-class observations typically involve an initial consultation, a one hour class visit from the observing team members, which may include a recording of the lecture if desired, and a follow-up consultation. In-class observations are conducted for formative purposes only, and should be requested at least three to four weeks in advance.

U of T librarians interested in arranging in-class observations are asked to contact Heather Buchansky, Student Engagement Librarian, at Heather will coordinate the next steps with CTSI and the PASS librarians.

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