Examples of Information Literacy Curriculum Integration

A few examples from a search today for documentation on university/college integration of information literacy objectives and learning into specific curricula.

Biomedical Engineering Information Literacy Plan – New Jersey Inst of Technology

Curriculum Map Chapman University

English at San Jose State University

Information Literacy in Art History

Leddy Library course curriculum mapping (just history so far)

La Trobe University Information Literacy Policy, Procedure and Framework
(AMAZING documentation)


Warburg University curriculum map

Although all of the above examples are useful models, every institution has to look at its own capabilities and limitations at the start of a curriculum integration or large-scale embedded project.   Some of the models  for deeper embedding of information literacy into the curriculum were explored in last week’s ACRL seminar on Embedded Librarians.  I’d suggest that you review the webinar summary on the instruction blog to get some ideas on sustainable and scalable methods. 

Finally, If the idea of curriculum integration of info lit seems too much to contemplate just yet, ease into the idea by examining innovative collaborations between faculty and librarians.  See for example, the excellent U of T Libraries document Getting Started on Collaboration with Classroom Faculty:  A Step by Step Guide for Librarians as well as these real-life examples http://www.teaching.utoronto.ca/topics/coursedesign/flc.htm .

Do you have your own examples of curriculum integration of information literacy?  Share them in the comments section.

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