Developing Your Teaching

  1. Lesson Plans and IL Toolkits
  2. Reusable Learning Objects
  3. Creating Effective Research and Library Assignments
  4. One-shot Instruction
  5. Peer-to-Peer Learning

1. Lesson Plans and IL Toolkits

Information Literacy Fundamentals @ Pitt: Lesson Plans  

Information Literacy ToolkitFrom The Open University,”the material in this toolkit will help you to: introduce information literacy to your student, respond to the information literacy-related demands they might make of you, and develop your own information literacy skills where necessary”

Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois ACRL Framework (CARLI) ToolkitThreshold concepts are broken down into their Knowledge Practices. The Toolkit provides librarian-developed lesson plans, instructions, and handouts for many of the Knowledge Practices.

University of Texas Libraries Information Literacy Toolkit.

University of Texas at Austin Tips and Techniques for Library Instruction.

Pfau Library’s Critical Information Literacy Laboratory for Faculty. 

Teach Information Literacy & Critical Thinking! Orginially designed as a LibGuide by UCLA Distinguished Librarian Esther Grassian, this IL toolkit contains may IL activities that can be adapted for your classroom.

Digital Pedagogy Integration in the Curriculum from a 2015 at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria

2. Reusable Learning Objects

UTL Open Learning Objects, Open Courseware & Open Textbooks LibGuide A selective list of major repositories learning objects and open courseware, and open textbooks.

Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online (PRIMO) Database Contains information literacy instructional materials created by librarians. PRIMO also contains a Site of the Month blog.

Citation Relay activity A competitive-style classroom relay designed to teach citation writing designed at the University of Nothern Colorado. Modules that help graduate students in the social sciences develop their core academic literacies and research skills.

LIONTV: Library Information Literacy Online Network  LIONTV is the public face of the ANTS project, a collaborative screencasting project to produce and share reusable information literacy videos and learning objects.

MERLOT II Library and Information Services discipline-specific learning materials and learning exercises.

3.  Creating Effective Research and Library Assignments

Southern California Instruction Librarians (SCIL, a CARL Interest Group)’s Guidelines for Effective Library Assignments 

Queens College Guide to Creating Effective Research Assignments

LaSalle University’s Best Practices for Research Assignments

4. One-shot Instruction

Notes from the Field: 10 Short Lessons on One-Shot Instruction. What do you do when you’ve only got an hour? This multiple authored, easy to read, paper considers familiar concerns for teaching information literacy framed specifically for one-shot instruction.

Creating the One-Shot Library Workshop: A Step by Step Guide. Jerilyn Veldof’s 2006 no-nonsense book on the one-shot walks newcomers through the basics, including extras like how to properly market an open attendance one-shot, how to properly pare down content, and how to run a pilot for a just developed workshop. This book is an excellent resource for thinking through the best ways to develop, present, and assess your one-shot. The section on the creation and value of worksheets in the classroom (pgs. 124-125) is worth special notice.

5. Peer-to-Peer Learning

Peer-to-Peer Learning for Teaching (links to UTL’s Confluence site) Information on the peer observation and teaching squares programs available at UTL for librarians.