CTSI Workshop Exploring What’s Behind “I don’t understand”

On Tuesday, November 22, 2011 we attended a CTSI workshop for faculty called Exploring What’s Behind ‘I don’t understand’ by Andrea Graham, Martha Harris and Tanya Lewis.  It was well attended with about 13 faculty members and the two of us. The two hour workshop was lecture style, but embedded with hands on activities. This is a summary of what we thought were the most important lessons learned:

  • This workshop examined different strategies for organizing confusion into a foundation for understanding. When we are successful, students are able to become independent learners.
  • A few examples that were covered were: concept mapping, ticket out the door, charting and index cards.
  • The focus was more geared towards teaching an entire course, but some of these tools could still be applied to the more typical library-related sessions

Maria and Mindy

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