Teaching Skills

Using short stories and drawings in information literacy instruction

From Navroop Gill: Yesterday [June 16] at our meeting, I shared a little about the speakers I had seen at WILU, David Brier & Vicky Lebbin who are at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Their approach to information literacy incorporates short stories and drawings which they have found to be highly engaging methods for … Read More

Liaison Librarians Update Forum March 1 2016

The March 1 Liaison Update Forum featured a presentation from Professor Susan McCahan, Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education, on trends in undergraduate education that have impact on her portfolio at the U of T.  The forum also  showcased 3 additional lightning round presentations.  Each presentation was followed by small group discussion and an open Q&A session.  Presenters … Read More

How to arrange an in-class observation of your teaching

In-class observations are an effective means to gather formative feedback on one’s teaching in a low risk context as well as to explore ways to strengthen institutional practices and achieve goals for student learning. Librarians can now request an in-class observation from a team composed of a CTSI team member and a librarian seconded to … Read More

Reflecting on Reflecting in the Trenches with Char Booth

As I prepared for my instructional sessions this semester, I went back to my notes and materials from ILU’s PD Day 2013, Reflecting in the Trenches, led by Char Booth. The day was a whirlwind agenda, packaged up perfectly. Char covered reflective practice, educational theory, teaching technologies, and instructional design. Each topic could have been … Read More

Summary: Intersections of Scholarly Communication and Information Literacy: Creating Strategic Collaborations for a Changing Academic Environment

Below is a summary of the points made in the white paper: Intersections of Scholarly Communication and Information Literacy: Creating Strategic Collaborations for a Changing Academic Environment We will be discussing the paper at the June 5 Librarians’ Information Literacy Practice Exchange.  In addition to the summary below, take 5 minutes to read Kevin Smith’s April … Read More

Notes from the first Practice Exchange – examples of successful teaching practices

Tuesday January 15 2013 brought with it the inaugural Practice Exchange, a meeting of U of T librarians interested in exchanging ideas and information about their teaching. The first session focused on examples of successful teaching experiences.   Below are a few of the things participants mentioned and chatted about as things that have worked for … Read More

Communities of Practice (CoPs) best practices summary

Law librarian John Bolan, who is one of this year’s seconded librarians to CTSI, prepared this summary of best practices for communities of practice. The document was part of John’s research on how best to implement our practice exchanges for instruction librarians, which will start in January 2013. Thanks John!

Moving Forward on the Librarians Teaching Program and Practice Exchanges

CTSI’s seconded librarians — John Bolan, Angela Hamilton, Joanna Szurmak,  and I — have been continuing the tasks of developing a program of professional development for librarians who teach at the U of T. Development of this program commenced in 2010, when the first group of CTSI-seconded librarians (Patricia Bellamy, Sarah Fedko, and Sheril Hook) … Read More

Embedded Librarians Cookbook – recipes needed

Pulled from today’s ARL Assessment posting: Are you a fan of the Library Instruction Cookbook?  Trying innovative methods to embed in projects and courses? We need your gourmet recipes for embedded instruction and reference. Contribute your recipe to the next cookbook in the series from ACRL, The Embedded Librarian’s Cookbook: Recipes for making long-term connections. … Read More

Addressing student problems in formulating research questions with PICO

In Time to re-evaluate how we teach information literacy: Applying PICO in library instruction, authors Ellen Welty, Sheila Hofstetter, and Stephanie Schulte make a compelling case for rethinking the basics of information literacy education.  Citing the data from Project Information Literacy, which reports that students don’t have nearly as much trouble finding information as they … Read More