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Debrief Meeting with Cross-departmental Tri-agency Team, June 26 2015

A message from Julie Hannaford: Debrief Meeting with Cross-departmental Tri-agency Team, June 26 2015 One of the key recommendations from the external liaison report is the need to re-conceptualize how we respond to faculty and student needs. The reviewers suggest using nimble teams that can readily respond to requests as they arise from our various stakeholders. Recently, … Read More

An Introduction to Archives at UTL

UTL Librarians gathered in the MacLean Hunter Room on August 21st for “Thinking Inside the Box: An Introduction to UTL’s Archival Holdings,” a talk hosted by archivists and librarians from The U of T Archives & Records Management Services (UTARMS), The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, and Media Commons. Attendees heard about key archival concepts, … Read More

Re-imagining Liaison: Faculty Liaison Program Assessment 2014-15

extracted email from Rita Vine April 21 2014 The ​UTL ​faculty liaison program has been in place for several years now, and many of you have done some wonderful work making strong connections with our faculty.  To build on our success​,​ and to align the program with our new Strategic Plan. ​ I’m writing to you today with information and a tentative … Read More

Talking about the ACRL draft framework

A number of U of T librarians gathered over a series of three meetings recently to engage in a lively discussion of the ACRL’s draft framework for Higher Education IL. The ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education Task Force (#Isn’tThereSomeFancyAcronymForThis) invited comments on the first part of their draft framework, and the discussions, … Read More

The future of MOOC platforms? Money money money

I always enjoy reading Alex Usher’s “One Thought to Start Your Day” which uses a dollars-and-cents lense to look at important issues in higher education.  In his post The Future of MOOCs: Coursera and EdX, Usher ponders the likelihood (high, in his view) that venture capital fueling Coursera may dry up soon unless Coursera finds a … Read More

All those new literacies, what’s a librarian to do?

Hats off to U of T’s Eveline Houtman for her article New literacies, learning, and libraries: How can frameworks from other fields help us think about the issues?  For many of us exploring and understanding concepts of metaliteracy, transliteracy, multiliteracies, this article provides a useful review of key literature, and explore the intent behind the jargon. … Read More

Grades, attendance improve when students lead learning

From Academica Top Ten  Sep 20, 2013 “Allowing students to lead university seminars can improve both attendance and results, reveals a pilot study out of the Avans University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. When only 50% of their students showed up to finance lessons at AvansU, academics decided to invite students to lead the … Read More

Workshops Don’t Work | Inside Higher Ed

Written by a college dean, who argues that non-attendance in workshops is driven by indifference, and that workshops have to add real value to the individual in order for them to be perceived as worthwhile. “That’s not because the content or delivery of workshops is poor. As with anything, they range from outstanding to awful. … Read More

Helping authors find the perfect journal

Elsevier’s Journal Finder helps faculty find recommended journals for publishing scientific articles  Informal reports suggest that the tool works well.

Educause Top 10 IT Issues in Higher Education 2013

… and they are: 1 Leveraging the wireless and device explosion on campus 2 Improving student outcomes through an approach that leverages technology 3 Developing an institution-wide cloud strategy to help the institution select the right sourcing and solution strategies 4 Developing a staffing and organizational model to accommodate the changing IT environment and facilitate … Read More