Lesson plans

Using short stories and drawings in information literacy instruction

From Navroop Gill: Yesterday [June 16] at our meeting, I shared a little about the speakers I had seen at WILU, David Brier & Vicky Lebbin who are at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Their approach to information literacy incorporates short stories and drawings which they have found to be highly engaging methods for … Read More

Plan, Develop, Deliver and Repeat.

In early 2015, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) posted the final version of the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.  The framework outlined six frames: authority is constructed and contextual, information creation as process, information has value, research as inquiry, scholarship as conversation and searching as strategic exploration.  While the Framework … Read More

Problem based learning: We tried it!

A psychology instructor asked me to teach a one hour class for her third year Gender Relations class (n=60).  She wanted me to cover PsycINFO and general library search tips, but there isn’t a research assignment this semester. I was nervous about engaging third years when their grade for the class isn’t at stake, so I … Read More

Article: Tacit Knowledge and the Student Researcher

I love this succinct post by Barbara Fister on the kinds of knowledge we in the library world (or we over the age of 20!) may take for granted: Tacit Knowledge and the Student Researcher. Having electronic access to materials creates the expectation that everything is a mere Google-search away, but our systems of organization … Read More

Embedded Librarians Cookbook – recipes needed

Pulled from today’s ARL Assessment posting: Are you a fan of the Library Instruction Cookbook?  Trying innovative methods to embed in projects and courses? We need your gourmet recipes for embedded instruction and reference. Contribute your recipe to the next cookbook in the series from ACRL, The Embedded Librarian’s Cookbook: Recipes for making long-term connections. … Read More

Addressing student problems in formulating research questions with PICO

In Time to re-evaluate how we teach information literacy: Applying PICO in library instruction, authors Ellen Welty, Sheila Hofstetter, and Stephanie Schulte make a compelling case for rethinking the basics of information literacy education.  Citing the data from Project Information Literacy, which reports that students don’t have nearly as much trouble finding information as they … Read More

Google helps librarians teach better Googling to students

Google’s new Search Education page has over a dozen lesson plans and online video tutorials that librarians and instructors can use to teach students various aspects of information literacy.  The plans are mainly focused on getting better and more relevent results out of Google, but there are also lesson plans related to evaluation of resources … Read More