First year students

Follow-up on Blackboard Collaborate Report

At the November Instruction in Library Use meeting, Monique Flaccavento and I presented the results of the Blackboard Collaborate (Collaborate) pilot project on behalf of the Collaborate working group (see our previous post here). The primary goal of the project was to explore Collaborate from an instructional librarian perspective and to determine whether it is a … Read More

Exploring Blackboard Collaborate – Pilot Project

In December 2012 the University of Toronto acquired Blackboard Collaborate software as a webinar and webconferencing tool.  In May of this year we convened an informal library working group to look at Blackboard Collaborate (BbC) as a potential tool for information literacy. We have held two meetings to date and though we’re still in the … Read More

Information Literacy infographic from EasyBib

Although it’s clearly a promo for the EasyBib software, this infographic highlights data around levels of student source selection, plagiarism, and citation practice that makes a compelling case for closer connections between librarians and the teaching/learning enterprise.

Beyond the sage on the stage: Report

The Ontario government and higher education authorities, along with the highest levels of university administrations, is paying closer attention to the quality of teaching at universities.  In April 2012,  the Council of Ontario Universities released the report Beyond the Sage on the Stage: Innovative and Effective Teaching and Learning at Ontario Universities to highlight examples of … Read More

Assessment 360: Mapping Undergraduates and the Library at the University of Connecticut

A team at the University of Connecticut Libraries, led by Susanna Cowan, has conducted a big, interesting study of their undergrads. You can find Susanna’s report, “Assessment 360: Mapping Undergraduates and the Library at the University of Connecticut,” on the CLIR website. From the report: “Using a combination of quantitative (survey) and qualitative (focus groups, … Read More

Information literacy and the first year student

An excellent article that scratches beneath surface myths about first year students and their need — or not — for “research” activities. Information literacy and the first-year student shares the work of Anne-Marie Deitering, a librarian and professor of undergraduate learning initiatives at Oregon State University.  Deitering seeks to dispel the myth that research assignments are … Read More