Citing Sources/Plagiarism

Information Literacy infographic from EasyBib

Although it’s clearly a promo for the EasyBib software, this infographic highlights data around levels of student source selection, plagiarism, and citation practice that makes a compelling case for closer connections between librarians and the teaching/learning enterprise.

Envision how librarians can support students who are writing using Google Docs A very interesting article on how librarians could engage more directly and immediately with students who are writing papers using Google Docs’ built-in chat and comments functions.

So you want to cite a tweet?

Now you can.  See the format from MLA:

An assessment story

In order to shave some time off our plagiarism/citation seminar this week, writing instructor Andrea Williams and I decided to send a quick email to all the participants (instructors) a few days before the class,  asking them for 3 reasons why it’s important for students to cite sources.  We would compile the results into a … Read More


For your amusement (any other xkcd fans here?):

Has “correct” citation practice become an unnecessary obsession in university courses?

A provocative article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, “Citation Obsession? Get Over It!” asserts that the academy’s preoccupation with correct citation practices inhibits our ability to help students understand the reasons behind the practice. An excerpt: “What I advocate here is not to dispense with teaching students how to use sources but rather to … Read More