Big Data in Biomedicine

Euan Ashley on Bigger Data from Genetics and Genomics

“…At the Big Data in Biomedicine conference held [at Stanford University] in May, leading figures from academia, industry, government and philanthropic foundations gathered to explore the vast opportunities for mining the growing volume of public health data and developing new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Several of the talks from the event are now available on the conference website.

In the above video, Stanford cardiologist Euan Ashley, MD, discusses the difficulty inherent in ultra-detailed personalized health analyses and how to parse out the complexity of biological networks. Ashley says, “One of the themes of this conference, and one of the themes of big data, is that although we need to think and try to understand biology at a global level, if we want to translate things to patient care, we have to act locally.”

Even without a background in science, it’s easy to understand Euan’s examples of surprising and valuable ways that big data advances scientific research.

(thanks Jeff Heeney for the link)

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