2 thoughts on “Arts and Sciences latest draft of Academic Plan

  1. Although there is no specific mention of libraries or librarians or info lit (except once) in this draft, I think that there are lots of natural places in the plan for us to inject ideas on information literacy into the discussion. (e.g. all the ’99 courses that have research components in them, and that’s just one example).

    We’re doing our best to open doors to having those conversations at the faculty level. Some examples, just within the last few weeks: There has already been faculty interest in what the library is doing for 1st year A&S students; Patricia Bellamy and I have a meeting scheduled with A&S in mid-November that should provide an opportunity for us to share our thoughts on how the library can play a key role in helping A&S meet their defined goals; very recently I had a conversation with a liaison about another (much smaller) faculty that has specifically expressed interest in how to incorporate info lit more deeply into their curriculum. And don’t forget the domino effect of having a successful embedded experience in a course — other instructors find out about that from happy colleagues, and eventually opportunities for more integration bubble-up.

    I’m optimistic — I think that information literacy is indeed showing up in the radar of instructors more often now, and the Library is viewed as a very good collaborative partner among faculties and divisions.

  2. Speaking of opportunities, I see a couple areas that are ripe for better information literacy integration. One area is the First Year Initiatives Committee. I do not know about the composition of this committee, but I think it would make sense to include a Librarian on it, as we have particular insights into first-year experiences of the classroom and of the library. A librarian would be able to contribute in this capacity by helping the committee to identify problems, anticipate issues, and create solutions and strategies that will help students develop the information literacy skills that they need to succeed across the disciplines.

    The other area of opportunity that I see is around the college-based first year experience programs. It seems like such programs would create a great opportunity for partnership between the colleges and their libraries (or other UTL libraries). By working together the libraries/librarians could help the colleges to integrate information literacy training into these programs, helping the students to develop the critical thinking and research skills that are an important thread throughout the academic plan.

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