Article: Tacit Knowledge and the Student Researcher

I love this succinct post by Barbara Fister on the kinds of knowledge we in the library world (or we over the age of 20!) may take for granted: Tacit Knowledge and the Student Researcher.

Having electronic access to materials creates the expectation that everything is a mere Google-search away, but our systems of organization are more complex. This sounds sort of obvious, but it’s nice to have the pieces of this confusion laid out: discipline-specific databases, call numbers, and journal volumes are all pieces of the research puzzle that students don’t necessarily know they need.

It sounds like Fister will be adding to this great list. Do you have other suggestions? I would submit that the purpose of an Abstracting & Indexing service is unclear. This is the case whether an OpenURL resolver is included or not, since there is an expectation of being able to click through to the article.

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