An assessment story

In order to shave some time off our plagiarism/citation seminar this week, writing instructor Andrea Williams and I decided to send a quick email to all the participants (instructors) a few days before the class,  asking them for 3 reasons why it’s important for students to cite sources.  We would compile the results into a slide and kick off the class with that information, saving about 10 minutes of discussion that we needed for other tasks.

Almost everyone responded to our email, and we received a surprisingly rich range of reasons.   After the session, someone suggested that we post the ideas from the slide in the newly created Citation and Plagiarism libguide that was created for the workshop.

What a great idea: reuse group feedback to make the point about the importance of citations, using the words of instructors as evidence.  We simply added the phrase “We asked 20 U of T instructors and administrators why it’s important for students to understand how to cite sources.  This is what they told us.” We took a screenshot, loaded it into the Libguide, and in 5 minutes added persuasive evidence on the value of good citations. How easy was that?

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