All those new literacies, what’s a librarian to do?

Hats off to U of T’s Eveline Houtman for her article New literacies, learning, and libraries: How can frameworks from other fields help us think about the issues?  For many of us exploring and understanding concepts of metaliteracy, transliteracy, multiliteracies, this article provides a useful review of key literature, and explore the intent behind the jargon. Not simply a review article, Houtman injects her own reflections on the concepts and wonders aloud if the new words help or hinder our efforts to participate in genuine student learning:

“Do we really want to adopt a term not recognized by people in other fields? Librarians want to take part in the larger debates and discussions on new digital literacies together with educators, researchers, and policy makers. Our frameworks also have something to say to other fields, but it sometimes feels as if the library world is invisible … Surely we’ll communicate better with our peer communities if we’re not using a term and a framework that no one understands, that separates us from the conversation and muffles our voice.”

Interestingly, the article was subjected to open peer review and is (of course) open access.  Comments are open.

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