Plan, Develop, Deliver and Repeat.

In early 2015, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) posted the final version of the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.  The framework outlined six frames: authority is constructed and contextual, information creation as process, information has value, research as inquiry, scholarship as conversation and searching as strategic exploration.  While the Framework outlines knowledge practices and dispositions, it is emphasized that the document is not meant to be prescriptive.  While this can be an exciting opportunity to re-imagine the way we teach information literacy, it can be challenging trying to understand how to plan and assess information literacy with a malleable framework.  Sheril Hook, Chief Librarian at the John M. Kelly Library suggested bringing together the academic library community (including colleges) to show librarians different tools for planning and assessment.  Librarians from Ryerson University, York University, the University of Toronto, the federated Colleges, Sheridan College, UOIT and the University of Guelph-Humber came together to put these tools into action.  The day also included special talks by April Cunningham, project leader for TATIL, an assessment tool for the new Framework by Carrick Enterprises, and a talk by Tyler Evans-Tokaryk about his research on students and self-efficacy.  Sheril Hook presented tools for planning and assessment (an assignment analysis document and self-awareness inventory).  In addition, Eveline Houtman, Courtney Lundrigan, Heather Buchansky and Angela Henshilwood facilitated discussions that generated ideas for activities around the Framework.  The Framework strongly encourages librarians to share their experiences and helpful tools, and in the spirit of that notion, we are more than happy to share the tools and presentation with the UTL community.  You can download documents and presentations at  If you have any questions about the IL Analysis Template or the Self-Awareness inventory, please contact Sheril Hook at  If you would like to follow-up on the brainstorming session, please feel free to contact Eveline Houtman, Courtney Lundrigan, Heather Buchansky or Angela Henshilwood.

Materials and handouts from the event can be found at