CTSI bids adieu to PASS participants

Patricia Bellamy, Joanne Szurmak, Whitney Kemble and Rita Vine pose with CTSI director Carol Rolheiser at the July 9 tea hosted by CTSI staff to mark the end of the second PASS appointments.

Look carefully at the beautiful calligraphy on each of our envelopes — courtesy of Dr. Rolheiser, penmaster. Who knew?

All four of us had a great year at CTSI.  Rita will be continuing in 2012-13 along with the new secondments.  Good luck to those who have applied to be part of the PASS team for next year!


Recent publications from the RAILS project

“Happy RAILS to You! Using Rubrics for Authentic, Reliable, and Convincing Learning Assessments”
ALA Annual Conference
Anaheim, CA, June 2012

“A Multi-Institution Study of Rubric Assessment: Lessons Lived and Learned”
Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education Annual Conference
Albuquerque, NM, June 2012

“500 Students, 50 Raters, and 5 Rubrics Later: What We Learned from an Authentic, Collaborative, and National Assessment Project”
presented by Megan Oakleaf, Jackie Belanger, Ning Zou, Carroll Wilkinson
LOEX Conference
Columbus, Ohio, May 2012


How should we teach critical appraisal skills in the era of pre-digested literature summaries?

This poster provides food-for-thought for health science librarians who wish to teach deeper information-seeking skills to students who are used to using highly synthesized sources of pre-existing information.  Though most useful for medical librarians, the questions posed in the poster are relevant to many disciplines.


CTSI Back to School Series now available

The schedule for CTSI’s annual “Back to School” series for campus instructors has been posted http://www.teaching.utoronto.ca/about_ctsi/servicesexpertise/ctsi-workshops/b2s-2012.htm

These are excellent FREE active-learning seminars.  Several are of direct benefit to the work we do in supporting teaching and learning.  Those who have attended the workshops find that in addition to adding to their own skill sets, they learn more about the challenges facing course instructors.