Threshold concepts and information literacy

Interesting blog post by Brian Mathews re: threshold concepts and information literacy –

– with a link to this article published in the current issue of Portal (Volume 11, Number 3, July 2011), Threshold Concepts and Information Literacy (Lori Townsend, Korey Brunetti and Amy R. Hofer)

and this bibliography

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Interested in the work of CTSI? Opportunity knocks!

The Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) is interested in drawing on librarians’ expertise in their suite of courses and programs that support effective teaching.  Opportunities exist for librarians to participate as resource connections during CTSI lectures or breakout discussions, or participate in co-teaching with CTSI seminar leaders.  The CTSI supports programs for both faculty and graduate students/TA’s: you can see some of their offerings here.

I’d like to compile an informal list of librarians who might be called on occasionally to participate in CTSI seminars or programs, or be consulted regarding future seminar development.  It’s not a substantial commitment, and it’s a great way for librarians interested in teaching and learning to connect with an organization that shares many of our own goals.
If you’re interested, or even just curious, write or call me at 6-4041 and I’ll tell you more about it.


Take part in CTSI’s Back-to-School Week 2011

You’re welcome to register for any of the annual CTSI Back-to-School series of teaching-related seminars and workshops using the link above.  This is a great way to gear up for your fall semester instruction, and also to connect with faculty who are interested in enhancing their own teaching and learning skills.
Those of us who have attended these seminars in the past have taken away much beyond the content of the seminars.  For me, the comments and observations shared by faculty helped me better understand the unique and varied challenges that they face in designing and delivering courses. Highly recommended.
(If you decide to register for any of these, please keep me posted or post comments to this post, I’d like to hear your thoughts and ideas after the seminar.)